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Zhou Junsheng (b. 1989, CN) takes photographs. He sees photography as a way not limited to photographic representation but also embracing forms such as installation and action. The Chinese word for photography zhaoxiang 照相 combines the character 照 (Mandarin: zhao), to illuminate, to reflect, to mirror, to understand and 相 (Mandarin: xiang), a combination of two element, 木 and 目, where 木 means "wood" and "tree", 目 means "eye", means to look, appearance, phase, to pick, to assist, mutually and so on. Their combined semantic space corresponds closely to what Junsheng does. He attempts to place a surface between the things and the self, a surface in which their looks are jointly reflected. Junsheng’s works generally concern ideas of temporality and language, and also probe themes such as the use of uselessness, the representation of representation and written character as imaging knowledge.

Junsheng was born and grew up in Beijing, moved to Prague where he studied at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in 2011. He moved to Maastricht where he participated at Van Eyck Academie in 2016. Currently he is living and working in Rotterdam.

Full CV and portfolio available on request.